New Here?

Welcome to Studio Accord.

My name is Anthony Marion.

I teach health and wellbeing business owners how to advertise and market their studio and clinics that dramatically increases the number of clients through their doors.

And when you spend enough time here putting my P.I.E. marketing and advertising strategies into action - you'll have your very own automatic lead generation machine.

Who am I?

I've spent well over 7 years in the marketing game, while being involved in the health industry since 2013. In this time, on the frontline working with a select few nutritionists, pilates studios and naturopaths to fill out their appointment books.

Studio Accord has one purpose:

Help 100 studio and clinic owners double their revenue by 1st January, 2020.

Is this for every fitness biz owner?

The short answer—no.

Here’s three reasons why:

(1) You're not prepared to spend money on ads

If you're not prepared to invest at least $200 on ads then I'm sorry, I can't help you. It takes cold hard cash to grow you business, which means investing $200 is the most profitable investment you can make. If getting your ads in front of people scares you then please do not reach out for help.

(2) You see sales as being "hard", "pushy" or an "evil" thing.

There's an old saying in the sales and marketing:

"People love to be sold things, they don't like to be pressured."

Truer words have not been spoken when it comes to your selling and marketing your services. If you're an owner who cares about transforming as many lives as possible, you know that sales is the lifeblood of this process. The more you sell, the more you help people. Simple.

We can give you all the tools to make the sales process seamless, non-sleazy and fun. But if you view sales as a "bad thing" then we will not work well together.

(3) You must have a business

Our services is designed for owners who can take action right now. Our systems work for online and non-digital types of marketing and sales. But you must have a real fitness biz that's hungry to grow.Anthony, I want in, where do I start?

I recommend taking a look at the blog. Here, you'll find detailed, yet easy-to-implement lead generation strategies and tips you can start using right away. (The strategies there are better than any 3rd party lead source.)

While some might seem basic, they're time-tested to generate leads without you having to fork out thousands of dollars right out of the gate or, gutting your prices. (I'm not big on discounting, I'm big on stacking value.)

Anthony, I want you to grow my health business... can you help?

If you want my team and I to pull the marketing and advertising together for you, we can talk about that. This strategy session is also 100% free and, no obligation. It's my way of giving back to you.

Plus, every month I select 5 practitioners and clinic owners around Australia to work directly wth. 100% Free. No charge. No hidden fees. No obligation.

Start Here.