Hi, want to grow your yoga or fitness studio?

Let us show your how to generate a constant stream of qualified sales leads for your yoga or fitness studio without “spend and pray” advertising or click-bait promotions.

If You Answered “Yes”, then you need P.I.E.

Winning new clients should be Profitable, Interesting and Easy, not hair tearing, hard and stressful.

To make the process baby simple, our time-tested P.I.E. marketing and sales templates help you turn your studio in a lead generating engine, without high pressure OR hard sales tactics. Yep, this is a hard sell free zone.

What we do

We get into the mind of your target customer and figure out what makes them tick (and click) so they sign up for your studio.

How we do it

We use P.I.E. marketing systems. A paint-by-numbers approach that you can drag and drop into your fitness biz. (Perfect for Google Ads, Facebook and print.)

… And what it means for you

You love what you do, so while you focus on making your clients healthier and happier, we focus on winning you new customers day-in, day-out. Which means you don’t need to hard sell, ever.

Transform your fitness space into “the third place”


It means to make your studio part of your clients daily lives i.e. home, work and your fitness biz. A space for more than just exercise or getting fit - a retreat away from the daily grind.


If you want to increase the longevity and most important, impact of your local fitness business, then our time-tested P.I.E. strategies is the out-of-the-box solution you need.


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